Remanufactured Westinghouse Motor Control Buckets

main-2100Westinghouse originally manufactured the 5-Star Series, 11-300 Series and Type W Series Motor Control Center (MCC) Buckets over the past three decades.

Although Westinghouse still supports the 5-Star, 11-300, and Type W Series MCCs, RESA Power can supply completely remanufactured Westinghouse Motor Control Buckets and related parts.

Why do our customers continue to chose our completely rebuilt buckets?

1.) New Components: Although the Westinghouse 5-Star Series, 11-300 Series, and Type W Series MCCs were built decades ago, our rebuilt models are retrofitted with NEW components bringing your Motor Control Centers up to the latest technology without replacing the entire MCC.

2.) Cost: When a MCC Bucket fails, there are two options; the first: Go Rebuilt, the second: Go New. Going new is a headache as the failed bucket is not all that needs to be replaced. Because the MCC is no longer supported by Westinghouse, the bucket cannot be supplied new from the Manufacturer. The result: a complete changeout of the entire motor control center and as you can imagine, substantial associated costs and lead time. Opting to rebuild elimitates the cost and necessity for new infrastructure. In fact, we can supply a completely remanufactured Westinghouse MCC bucket with the latest components in as little as one week.

3.) Green: In these times of environmental turmoil, opting for rebuilt MCC buckets directly supports intense recycling efforts. Our buckets are completely remanufactured, which eliminates the requirement for new steel and other recyclable metals. So start associating going rebuilt with going green!

4.) Warranty: Westinghouse originally gave a full one year warranty with the Westinghouse 5-Star Series, Westinghouse 11-300 Series, and Westinghouse Type W Series buckets, so why shouldn’t we? We’re so confident in the overall quality of our work that we include a FULL one-year warranty with all of our reconditioned MCC buckets.

5.) Quality: Our staff of highly qualified, safety conscious, graduate engineers take the primary role in the remanufacturing process of Westinghouse Motor Control Buckets. Our 80 year old company’s experience is strongly reflected in the overall quality of our rebuilt buckets.

Most components for motor controls can be identified and quoted right over the phone. Call us for an instant quotation.

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